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Lash Extension Q&A


Yes! All of our Eyelash Techs are licensed Cosmetologists who are then trained and certified in eyelash extensions, plus a few months of practicing in order to perfect every detail before offering services to the public!


If you are getting a full set of lash extensions please plan for 2.5-3 hours. If you use waterproof mascara, avoid using it 2-3 days before your appointment.  Please come with clean eyes free of all makeup and makeup residue, we ask that you wash your eye area and lashes with an oil free cleanser. If you use an eye makeup remover please wash after use. Having clean oil free lashes is extremely important in order for the adhesive to bond correctly. This will help secure your investments as we can’t guaranty your extensions will stay on correctly if you don’t do this. Depending on your service you will have your eyes closed for up to 2.5 hours so any contacts will need to be removed during this time, it is best to come wearing glasses if you have them. Because your eyes will be closed, you will not be able to use cellular phones, and we ask that friends, family, and children do not accompany you in the lash room, as talking can also disturb the lash application process. Please do not fill up on fluids or caffeinated beverages before your appointment, if you must use the restroom during your service it will cause a lot of re-preparation and time to get you ready for the service again, meaning less lashes will be applied. Please remember that your lash extensions will need to stay dry for the first 24 hours from the time your appointment ends, so please take into consideration your bathing, workout, cooking, and hair washing schedule.


It is important to take care of your new eyelash extensions. With proper care your natural lashes will remain healthy and strong. Some important points to remember on how to care for your eyelash extensions:

Keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours after a full set and every fill. Always remember to avoid water, rain, sweat, tears, and heat or steam immediately afterwards in order to allow enough time for the glue to bond to the lashes

ALWAYS use oil free products on eye area. This includes eyeliner or any other makeup that you apply near your lashes. Pencils contain oil so a powder, gel or liquid is best. Oil of any kind including your own natural oils will break the glue down and the lashes won’t stay on as long as they should.

 Never pick, pull, curl, or use mascara on your lashes as this could pull out your natural lash prematurely. This can leave a hole and it will take up to 60 days for a new lash to grow back in.

Do not rub your eyes/lashes.

Sleep on your back! Not only good for the lashes but keeps wrinkles away. Also its best to use a silk pillow case or silk eye mask to help prevent any friction while sleeping.

Avoid tanning beds for 48 hours after application.

 Clean your lashes daily and after a heavy workout with an oil free lash cleanser, which we have available for purchase either before or at your lash appointment. Your lash technician can instruct you on how to properly cleanse your lashes at home in order to keep them looking perfect longer. Never use washcloths, towelettes, cotton pads or swabs. These will pull out and or get caught in your lashes and cause discomfort. Cleaning your lashes daily is a must; you need to remove natural oils that can break down the adhesive causing your extensions to come off prematurely. You may need to do this a couple of times if you are removing makeup. Dry lashes by pressing a towel gently onto the lashes, do not rub. The disposable mascara wand you receive at your appointment is very handy when used vertically in a windshield wiper motion to fluff and separate the lashes. We always recommend that you keep a wand in your purse for those moments on the go to help maneuver your extensions into place when they are unruly. Sometimes this will need to be done multiple times in a day, always try to touch your lashes only with the mascara wand, never your hands, in order to keep them free of oils.

Scheduling fills is very important if you want to maintain your lash extensions. We recommend coming for a fill every 2­-3 weeks for a 1 hour appointment to keep them looking fresh and full. A 3-4 week fill is recommended every so often if you go through a shed or want your lash extension to look extra amazing! If you go 4 weeks or more without a fill we recommend a new full set. A new client fill is required for anyone who has existing lashes from another lash technician because products and techniques can differ. A consultation is included in any new client fill.


We use a medical grade adhesive. Some people can be allergic…if you are prone to eye allergies, have sensitive eyes, or are concerned that you may be allergic, we can conduct a test by applying only a few lashes. Only about 5% of people seem to be allergic to these adhesives. If you have symptoms like red, itchy, peeling or swollen eyelids….red, itchy, burning irritated eyes after getting lashes, this is an allergic reaction that can last for 3­ to 5 days. You will want to contact your doctors office to let them know what is happening and seek their advice. We can change the adhesive to the sensitive version and do a patch test, to see if you still react. It will lessen the reaction by doing it this way if you do. If you are allergic to both adhesives, we will not be able to offer you this service.


No, when applied correctly and safely, no damage will be caused.

Damage is caused by untrained, uncertified, in some cases unlicensed individuals claiming they have the education to apply lashes! In most cases bundle lashes are applied. We do not use bundle lashes as they do not allow your natural lash to shed thus causing breakage and premature fallout of the natural lash resulting in some cases permanent gaps and holes. Bundle lashes should only be applied using a regular cosmetic grade adhesive, NOT a medical grade adhesive.


Your lash extensions can last up to 6 weeks. However, fills are very important if you want to maintain the look of fullness and evenness in your lash extensions. We recommend coming for a fill every 2-­3 weeks for a 1 hour appointment to keep them looking lush and full. A 1.5 hour fill is recommended every so often if you go through a shed or want your lash extension to look extra amazing! If you go 4 weeks or more without a fill we recommend a new full set. Because we cannot guarantee immediate appointment availability, we always recommend scheduling your future appointment(s) before you leave to ensure that you are able to stay on the fill schedule you want.


Our goal is to apply as many lashes as possible, to create the illusion every lash has an extension. The more natural lashes that you have, the more we will be able to apply.

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